20 Beauty Mistakes Every Woman Makes In Her 20's (No Judgment)

20 Beauty Mistakes Every Woman Makes In Her 20's (No Judgment)
Julia Kennedy

You learn a lot of things in your 20’s. You learn that you should resist the urge to create a culinary masterpiece after stumbling home on a Friday night. You learn that putting food on your face isn’t nearly as crazy as it sounds. You learn that some trends are better left on the runway—and some work surprisingly well in real life. But none of these lessons are learned without some trial and error—emphasis on the “error” part. We’re celebrating all of the lessons we learn during this definitive decade by sharing the 20 beauty mistakes every woman makes in her 20’s. Because we’re all in this together, right?


Click through our slideshow to see if you’re guilty of these beauty mistakes!


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    As much as chopping off your locks may sound like the answer to all of your woes, you might want to ask yourself these questions first.

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    “This one is more of an eggshell than cream, don’t you think?”

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    We’re all guilty—but that doesn’t mean it’s right. Next time you start getting sick of your gels, remove them by doing this.

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    Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.

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    Read our nude lipstick guide to avoid looking like a corpse.

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