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Beyonce's Colorist on the Star's New Look

The Instagram heard 'round the world: Queen B debuts a pixie cut.
Beyonce's Colorist on the Star's New Look

If everything felt a little different when you woke up this morning, it’s probably because Beyonce debuted a dramatically different 'do via three separate Instagram pics last night. Where she once had flowing blonde locks—so voluminous they got caught in a fan during a performance of “Halo” on stage last month—Queen B now has a pixie, the same sweet cut whose praises we lovingly sang just last week.

Bey’s colorist, Rita Hazan, told us, “I think she was ready for a big change—she was relaxed and excited.” Hazan highlighted Mrs. Carter’s barely there locks one small area at a time, aiming for a sun-kissed finish. “It’s modern and old Hollywood at the same time, and makes such a statement,” she says.

And while yes, the luxurious head of hair she whipped back and forth on stage at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn just two nights ago might not actually belong to her, a nearly-buzzed cut is still a big deal—and sure to inspire legions of admirers to go short. We can’t wait.

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