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The Best Workouts to Target Specific Problem Areas

  • The Best Workouts to Target Specific Problem Areas
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  • Try: Spin Class
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    “A spin class works the glutes, the thighs—both inner and outer—and also the calves,” Chambers says. “Do it at least three times a week and you can expect to see results in the first two weeks.” Bonus tip: Chambers suggests keeping your resistance high while standing, which will work your core, too!

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  • Try: Hot Yoga
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    Yoga improves flexibility and strength, especially in your core, says Chambers. (Add heat and you’ll detoxify, too!) Plus it’s great for rehabbing sports injuries and sore muscles. Obviously, check with your doctor first—and don’t forget a non-slip mat!

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  • Try: Boxing
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    Boxing works your arms, shoulders, and back, but it also helps your mid-section. “The twisting and turning engages the muscles of your abs that you don’t normally work doing crunches,” Chambers says. “Make sure that you’re actually hitting a bag, it’s the resistance that will give you better results.”

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  • Try: Boot Camp
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    “Boot camp is a total body workout,” Chambers says. “Especially your legs and glutes, since most boot camp classes include lots of squats.” Chambers says you’ll see results within two weeks of starting a boot camp regime.

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  • Try: Dance Class
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    “Dance works everything from your legs to your shoulders, but especially your abs.” His favorite class? “Zumba is the best workout.”

  • Cardio Bar Teaser
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  • Try: Cardio Barre Class
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    “Cardio barre classes focus on building your fitness stamina,” Chambers says. “It depends on the class, but you’ll probably be working your upper body and legs the most.”

  • Pilates Teaser
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  • Try: Pilates
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    Pilates in a great overall body workout—Chambers says it targets your shoulders, arms, core, and legs—with the main focus being your midsection and inner and outer thighs. Chambers’ tip for getting faster results? Alternate between floor and machine classes, since they work different muscles.

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  • Try: Running
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    While not technically a class, Chambers stresses the importance of running if you’re trying to tone your legs. “Try holding two or three pound weights to work your arms, too,” Chambers says. Try Rejuvenation’s Define and Develop Wrist Weights ($20).

We all know that squats are a great way to tone your thighs, and crunches target your abs, but how do you pick a group class to get the results you want? “Every exercise class has its own unique benefits,” celebrity personal trainer Reggie Chambers says. Chambers works with stars like Allison Williams and Christina Ricci, plus top New York-based athletes. So who better to help us with a fitness breakdown? Click through our guide to find the class that best works the areas you’re most concerned about, from abs to arms!

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