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The 16 Prettiest Wedding Manicures For Every Type of Bride

  • The 16 Prettiest Wedding Manicures For Every Type of Bride
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  • classic
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  • classic wedding nails 1
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    Metallic French

    Update your French manicure by subbing in a metallic polish, like Marc Jacob’s Enamoured Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer ($18) in Stone Jungle, instead of your classic white.

  • classic wedding nails 2
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    Photo: amnorton1212
    Side Swooped

    Use a piece of clear tape to create the swooped effect—just stick, paint, and remove!


    Photo courtesy of amnorton1212

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    Photo: Pinterest
    Subtle Glitter

    Give a glint of glitter to your pale pink manicure with a silver glitter polish, like Illamasqua’s Nail Varnish ($17) in Harsh.

  • classic wedding nails 4
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    Sheer Nude

    Though most brides will choose a creamy, opaque hue on their special day, why not reach for a sheerer version? 

  • colorful
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  • colorful nails 1
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    Graphic Print

    A bright turquoise and nude polish are perfectly juxtaposed in graphic patterns.


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  • colorful nails 2
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Pink Ombré

    Paint each digit a gradually-deeper shade of pink for a fun, colorful take on the ombré trend.

  • colorful nails 3
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Peachy Keen

    You wouldn’t think that peach and turquoise polishes could blend so seamlessly, but somehow, they do.

  • colorful nails 4
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    Pastel Sparkle

    Try a subtle shimmer instead of your go-to crème pastel shades.

  • feminine
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  • feminine nails 1
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    Triangular Half-Moon

    Update the classic half-moon manicure by subbing in a glittery triangle instead.


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  • feminine nails 2
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Gold Glimmer

    A thin gold line across each nail paired with a glittery accent nail is feminine and modern.

  • feminine nails 3
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    Pretty in Pink

    Channel your inner girly-girl with this perfectly-pink mani.

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  • feminine nails 4
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Glint of Metal

    Toughen up your sweet pink manicure with a thin line of gunmetal.


  • glamorous
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  • glamorous nails 1
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    Taupe Queen

    A taupe polish is the perfect base color for a glittery, glamorous pattern.


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  • glamorous nails 2
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    Photo: Sugar Coated Nails
    Black Tie

    Channel your husband-to-be’s suit with this chic black tie-inspired manicure.


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  • glamorous nails 3
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    Coral Crush

    A matte coral polish will stand out against your dress—especially  with a gold-striped accent nail. No matte polish? Use a topcoat, like Jinsoon’s Matte Maker ($18), to give your polish a matte finish.

  • glamorous nails 4
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    Go For The Gold

    For the bride who can never get enough glitz, glamour, and glitter.


    Keep clicking to see our editor-approved wedding polish picks!

  • La Vernis Nail Colour in Frisson
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  • Nail Lacquer in Sweet Heart
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  • Nail Polish in Romper Room
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  • Nail Varnish in Harsh
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    Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Harsh ($17)

  • Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer in Stone Jungle
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  • Translucents in Wondrous
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    Formula X Translucents in Wondrous ($11)

  • Matte Maker
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    Jinsoon Matte Maker ($18)

  • Nail Lacquer in She Drives Me Crazy
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    Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in She Drives Me Crazy ($18)

  • Boho Rock Collection in Lushington
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  • Vernis Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer in Aventure
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According to our wedding beauty timeline, you should get your nails done one to two days before the big day. But what about how you should paint your digits? Some brides will stick to the classic nude or pale pink, but others might want to flaunt something a bit more festive. Whatever your style –classic, colorful, feminine, or glam—we’ve got you (and your nailbeds) covered. Because how else are you going to show off the sparkly new addition to your ring finger?

Click through the slideshow above for the best bridal nail inspiration—plus, shop our favorite wedding nail polishes at the end!

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