7 Unisex Fragrances to Share With the Boys

7 Unisex Fragrances to Share With the Boys

We don’t know who decided fragrance had to be gender-specific, but we would like to politely refute that notion. Your fragrance options shouldn’t be limited to freesia and vanilla (delightful as those scents may be). There’s a healthy middle ground between leather and lily notes, and your nose will love it.

Flip through for the best androgynous scents!

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    Le Labo Santal 33 ($240)

    It’s a woody fragrance with just the right amount of spice and sweet violet. Cardamom, papyrus, musk, and amber round out the scent.

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    Andrea Maack Silk ($135)

    With a unique blend of lime tree, linen, magnolia, and earthy notes, this scent is light and smooth.

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    Kai Perfume Oil ($48)

    This fresh and clean blend of essential oils has a dose of florals, but nothing overtly feminine.

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    Demeter Oud ($40)

    Woody, yet sweet, the scent comes from a tropical tree, and is surprisingly complex. It smells like nature, only better!

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    Diptyque Volutes Eau de Parfum ($140)

    The combination of tobacco, iris, and leather is intoxicating. It’s bold, so wear it when you’re feeling daring.

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    Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends: Fig Leaf & Sage ($75)

    The fusion of herbs and fruit smells crisp. It’s slightly sweet, with notes of bergamot, citron, and thyme.

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    Calvin Klein CK One ($49)

    The clean-smelling CK One is, of course, a classic unisex fragrance. It’s the perfect balance of fruits, florals, and spices, and it’s all grounded by musk.


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