The Surprising Product You Need in Your Beach Bag

The Surprising Product You Need in Your Beach Bag

In a perfect world, we'd all slather on enough SPF and wear giant, Parisian-chic hats, and thus avoid sunburns forever. But IRL, sunburns happen, and then you're stuck dealing with tight, uncomfortable skin that's hot to the touch and can't stand the slightest brush from even your softest T-shirt. That's where these balms, lotions, and sprays come in. They'll help you salvage your skin when you've spent a little too much time in the sun—minimizing peeling, calming redness, and repairing the damaging, aging effects of getting a sunburn.

Keep reading to see the after-sun products to help soothe your sunburn.

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    Clinique After Sun Rescue Balm ($23)

    This rich, creamy, aloe-infused balm is oil-free and non-acnegenic, making it ideal for calming burns on your face and body.

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    Burt's Bees Aloe & Linden Blossom After Sun Soother ($10)

    This lightweight lotion rubs in easily (so essential when dealing with painful, red sunburns) and contains a blend of ultra-moisturizing ingredients like aloe and coconut oil.

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    Yes to Cucumbers Natural After-Sun Serum ($10)

    Got a hot date, and sunburned legs? Try this gentle, petroleum- and fragrance-free serum—in addition to calming aloe, sea kelp, and green tea, it contains light-reflecting mica to keep your legs looking gorgeous.

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    Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Soothing Moisturising Cream ($46)

    The rich, hydrating formula of this cream sinks into skin surprisingly fast and is non-greasy, to boot. Calendula acts as a moisturizing anti-inflammatory that's exceptional for sensitive skin. Bonus: It works equally well to soothe chapped, dry skin in the winter.

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    La Prairie Soothing After Sun Mist ($90)

    You'll forget all about your sun-ravaged skin after a few spritzes of this luxe, antioxidant-rich mist. Plus the spray-on formula doesn't have to be rubbed in, so you don't have to touch your tender skin.

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    Badger After Sun Balm ($6)

    This lavender-scented balm is USDA Certified Organic and calms burnt-to-a-crisp skin with a blend of extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter and shea butter.

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    G.M. Collin After Sun Cream ($32)

    This cooling, shea butter-enriched cream is a welcome refresher to overheated skin.

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    Decléor Aroma Sun Expert Soothing After-Sun Milk ($38)

    The argan and melon oils in this blend-able cream intensely hydrate the skin, preventing the dreaded sunburn peel, while wild mango butter extracts neroli oil repair damage caused by the sun.

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    Clarins After Sun Moisturizer Ultra Hydrating ($36)

    Sometimes, you don't know that you're burned until you step out of the shower and are faced with hot, bright-red patches that sting. This cream instantly cools skin down and gives it a boost of moisture to speed up healing time.

    Now that you know the products you need to heal your sunburn, get the sun protection facts you need to know before stepping outside.

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