The 7 Best Online Workout Classes to Keep You Fit Through the Holidays

The 7 Best Online Workout Classes to Keep You Fit Through the Holidays

Regardless of where you’re headed for the holidays—home, somewhere tropical, a snowed-in city—chances are you you’ll be far from your gym or go-to fitness class. Luckily, more and more workouts, including Tracy Anderson, Ballet Beautiful, and Physique57, are taking their classes online, offering the same step-by-step instruction you’d find in the studio. Here are seven of our favorites (including hip-hop for beginners!) to see you through the holidays.

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    Ballet Beautiful’s Live Class ($35)
    Work out with ballerina Mary Helen Bowers (she trained Natalie Portman for Black Swan) from anywhere in the world via her hour-long online workout.

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    Tracy Anderson Method, via Goop (Free!)
    Even if you belong to Tracy’s studio in LA or New York, you can’t take her on the road. You can, however, piece together an entire workout with the videos she’s done for her dear friend Gwyneth. We’re addicted to the 5-minute arms.

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    Pilates Anytime ($18/month)
    You don’t even need a mat to take this basic Pilates class, just a floor and an Internet connection! (In fact, the two week free trial could see you through the holidays.)

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    Women’s Health 5-Minute Fat Blaster (Free!)
    Yes, there is such a thing as a 5-minute workout. Women’s Health fitness editor Jen Ator’s filmed a whole series of them, but this one—a total body workout that doesn’t require any equipment—can be done anywhere, anytime.

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    FitnessGlo Hip Hop Basics ($12/month)
    There is no better way to work out during the holidays than a raging dance party. Before diving into some of the more complicated hip hop classes available online, master the basics with Ilyse Baker’s 30-minute Cardio Dance.

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    Physique 57 Online Class ($5-57)
    Can’t decide between barre, ballet, and pilates? Hit them all with Physique 57’s online classes. You can purchase 30-minute classes for $5 or get an unlimited monthly subscription for $57. Choose from strength training, cardio, full body, or pre-natal workouts, all taught by co-founder Tanya Becker.

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    My Yoga Works ($15/month)
    Yogaworks has studios all over California and New York, but if you’re in between those two places try one of their hundreds of online classes. Ranging from beginner all the way up to teacher-in-training, it’ll calm your mind and your body—a must during the holidays.

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