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19 New Beauty Products You Need To Know About (And We Love!)

  • 19 New Beauty Products You Need To Know About (And We Love!)
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  • Lorac
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    We got a sneak peek of Lorac’s new Alter Ego Lipsticks ($16), out on Thursday, and immediately fell for the shade Pin Up. The true red has a blue undertone, which makes your teeth look whiter and complements any skintone.

  • Bumble
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    Bumble and bumble’s latest release gives instant day-two hair. Need we say more? Spray their City Swept Finish ($29) through the middle sections of your hair, scrunch, and bedhead is yours!

  • Chanel
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    We tested Chanel’s entire spring line—and while it’s all amazing—their Cream Blush ($38) is our favorite. The light formula goes on creamy and blends into a powdery finish that looks insanely vibrant and natural. (Seriously, it’s amazing.)

  • Ciate
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    Forget nail decals, Ciate’s new Cuticle Tattoos ($12) are the latest thing to happen to fingers. The temporary tattoos—ribbons, diamonds, triangles—are shaped to frame your nail beds and look just like real ink.

  • V Beaute
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    V Beaute’s Day Job ($38) has all the qualities you need from a sunscreen: it’s broad spectrum, mineral and physical UVA/UVA protection ,and won’t clog pores. But it’s so much more than that; it also has anti-aging ingredients that help to reduce lines and wrinkles.

  • Drunk Elephant
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    You still don’t have an alpha hydroxy acid in your routine? Don’t worry, Drunk Elephant, a new skincare line anchored with the antioxidant-packed marula fruit, has you covered. (Wild elephants get a “buzz” off the marula tree’s fermented fallen fruit, hence the name.) Their T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum ($90) brightens and exfoliates skin while you sleep with a hefty dose of glycolic acid.

  • Serum Duo
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    Swedish brand Estelle & Thild have already made a name for themselves in Europe and Scandinavia, and now they’re moving stateside. Their hero product, the Super Bio Active Magic Duo ($157), is an organic serum and oil combo that you mix right before use for optimal anti-aging potency.

  • Eve Lom
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    The highly-anticipated color cosmetics have finally arrived from Eve Lom. Our favorite from the bunch? The Sheer Radiance Translucent Powder ($48), which gives a light, airbrushed finished to skin in seconds.

  • James Beard
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    James Read’s Liquid Tan ($42) doesn’t just come in chic packaging, it delivers a streak-free tan that looks incredibly natural. We mix in a dab into our face moisturizer, too!

  • Lancome
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    Having trouble keeping your creamy lip color in place? Try Lancome’s new Lip Lover ($23) instead. It has the staying power of a matte lipstick, but the shiny finish of a gloss.

  • Make
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    New York-based Make Colour just launched at Barneys this month, and picking our favorite product was not easy. The Custom Finish Effects Matte/Dewy Primer Compact ($27) is, in one word, genius. Designed to be the last step in your routine, one side is a highlighter and the other is a mattifier. Apply the former on your brow bone, top of your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and lips; then matte any shine on your T-zone with the latter.

  • Nars
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    Matte products can be tricky to apply, which is why we can’t say enough good things about Nars’ new Matte Multiple ($38). The creamy formula is incredibly blendable and dries to a shine-free finish on lips, cheeks, and eyes. We especially love the shade Laos.

  • Pantene
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    Pantene’s Root Reboot Dry Shampoo ($8) may be dubbed a dry shampoo, but after extensive testing, we suggest you use it as a dry texture spray. Which makes this new product the most affordable dry texture spray we’ve ever tried. Simply spray through your locks from roots to ends for a matte, lived-in finsih that competes with brands 10 times the price.

  • Rita Hazan
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    You don’t need to hit the salon for shiny hair. Just pick up Rita Hazan’s Ultimate Shine Gloss ($26). Apply a few pumps of the foam to wet locks between your shampoo and conditioner, twice a week, for glossy tresses.

  • Tarte
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    Want an easy way to contour your face? Use Tarte’s new The Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer ($29). Draw a thick line where you want it—click through this how-to for help—and buff with the included brush. Yep, it’s that easy.

  • TenOverTen
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    TenOverTen’s Foundation Strengthening Basecoat ($18) isn’t your average basecoat. It keeps lacquer in place for days, yes, but it also helps nails grow faster with horsetail grass extract, and looks beautiful alone, thanks to a light pink tint.

  • By Terry
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    Have fair, dry skin? You need By Terry’s By Terry Hyaluronic Summer ($67). One of the best face bronzers we’ve ever tried, just smooth the whipped-up formula onto your skin pre-makeup for an instant tan that looks natural and deeply hydrates your skin, thanks to a dose of hyaluronic acid.

  • Soma
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    Need help keeping your skin hydrated? We admit that this may not be traditional beauty product, but we fell in love with Soma’s Water Filter ($49) when it came across our desks. It’s an eye-pleasing way to remind yourself to drink more water—for your skin’s sake!

  • Renee
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    We’re big fans of Dallas-based aesthetician Renee Rouleau—as you can see here and here—and her latest mask is already a favorite. Apply the Energizing Cleansing Mask ($50) to exfoliated skin once a week, let dry, and rinse for a brighter complexion—we promise!

Between how-to photo shoots and celebrity interviews, our editors spend hours upon hours testing the newest products from mass, prestige, and indie cosmetic brands. Yes, we find this incredibly fun, but we really do it so you don't have to spend money on products that fall short of amazing. Instead, just shop our editor-approved slideshow for the best new makeup, skincare, and hair products.

From the newest drugstore dry shampoo, to an organic Swedish skincare line that's just arrived stateside, here are the 19 best spring beauty products!

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