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Beauty Editors' New Favorite Nail Trend

We’ve been talking about matte for a while now, from skin to lips to nails, but we admit that the texture can be tricky to pull off, especially on nails! Take it from us—we’ve been playing with the trend for months!—when we say that the best way to wear a matte topcoat is over a blue polish. Why? Some shades can look chalky, but blue is always fresh and modern. From deep, dark navy—seen at Rebecca Taylor’s F/W 13 runway (above) and Costello Tagliapietra’s S/S 14 show—to pale, powdery blue, you can’t go wrong with our favorite hue. We’ve rounded up the best shades to nail the trend, above. (Still need a matte topcoat? We’ve included those, too!)

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