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The Lip Pencil That's Bringing Shine Back

The Lip Pencil That's Bringing Shine Back
Photo: MAC Cosmetics

When MAC’s new PatentPolish Lip Pencils ($20) landed on my desk last week, I was intrigued. Normally, I like my lip pencils how I like my skin—as matte as possible. But there was something about their chubby shape and charming name that prompted me to swipe them on my lips the minute I got home.
The first thing I noticed was how easily they glide on: the pencils’ rounded tips lets you fill in your pucker in just a few swipes. The second thing I noticed was how pretty the colors were. I’m a sucker for pigment, and these pencils deliver a pop of color that fades to a pretty tint hours later (my favorites are Innocent, a super-flattering nude with pink undertones and Patentpink, a pastel Barbie pink). And lastly, the finish—oh, the finish. Like their name suggests, these pencils leave a slightly lacquered, polished sheen on your lips. Basically, picture the shine from your favorite pair of patent leather Mary Janes in lip pencil form—slick, glossy, and light-reflecting. I guess you can say I’m officially a shine convert (at least when it comes to my lips…my forehead can stay beautifully matte for the rest of time, thanks).


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