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5 New Juice Cleanses to Kick Off the New Year

Gearing up for a healthier new year? Here are five juice cleanses to get you started!
  • 5 New Juice Cleanses to Kick Off the New Year
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  • Three Day Cleanse
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    If it’s convenience you’re after, try Suja’s Three Day Cleanse ($200). Thank to new HPP technology, you can pick up their cold-pressed, preservative-free boxed cleanse in the cold food section of any Whole Foods in the country. (And, they last for 30 days in your fridge!)

  • Basic 6 Juices Per Day Cleanse
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    New York’s Juice Press may be one of the coolest juice bars in the city, but they ship their 100 percent organic, cold-pressed juices anywhere in the country on ice. Try the Basic 6 Juices Per Day Cleanse ($60 per day) to start.

  • Tropical Juice Cleanse
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    Not into earthy-tasting juice? Austin-based juicer Skinny Limits has an option for you. The green juices in their Tropical Juice Cleanse ($49 a day) have a higher amount of fruit for those who like things a little sweeter.

  • Classic Cleanse
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    If you live in Los Angeles, give this popular new spot’s Soft Cleanse ($85 per day) a shot. It has unique juices like detoxifying Charcoal Lemonade and protein-packed Green Milk. Plus, it features a warm soup and tea you have for dinner. (Trust us, it’ll be a welcome addition when juicing in the winter!)

  • Reset Seasonal Cleanse
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    For those who have tried their fair share of cleanses, give Ritual Juice’s Reset Seasonal Cleanse ($72 per day) a try. It’s the best of their Classic Reset Cleanse, with seasonal ingredients added for a fresh update.

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