10 Contour-Highlight Kits That Are Perfect for Beginners

Katharine McEntee

Contouring and highlighting are independently effective at enhancing our natural features. But what happens when you combine the two? Some seriously defined cheekbones à la Kim Kardashian West. Since these two techniques are arguably better when used together, we compiled the best highlight-and-contour kits for your face-sculpting pleasure.

Why spend time rummaging through your makeup bag for a solo highlighter or multiple palettes, when you can perform all the necessary face sculpting techniques from one of these do-it-all kits? Looking to add a bit of dimension to your beauty look? Add a dash of highlighter to the high points of your face. Want to add some depth to your face? Sculpt your contours with a bronzed shade, and blend away. Feeling in the mood for a rosy cheek? Some of these palettes even feature a blush or two.

For our favorite one-and-done highlight-and-contour kits, keep on reading.

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