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34 New Ways to Wear Your Hair this Holiday Season

  • 34 New Ways to Wear Your Hair this Holiday Season
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  • Cintia Dicker Beauty Blitz
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    A low-slung side braid from Beauty Blitz.

  • Emily Schuman Cupcakes And Cashmere
    2 of 33

    A messy French Twist from Cupcakes & Cashmere.

  • Sexy Stunners Ashley Olsen
    3 of 33

    A curly-haired Olsen from Sexy Stunners.

  • Carey Mulligan HopscotchGrace
    4 of 33

    Secure your chignon at the nape of your neck a la Carey Mulligan on HopscotchGrace's board.

  • Glamour Magazine Rose Byrne
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    Embrace your hair's natural texture, as seen on Glamour's Pinterest board

  • Marion Cotillard Retro
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    Go retro like Marion Cotillard!

  • Rumi Neely Black Bow
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    Polish up messy hair with a delicate black ribbon, as seen on Rumi Neely's beauty board.

  • OscarPRGirl Altuzarra
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    Don't be afraid to lacquer on the hairspray for a super shiny finish, as pinned by OscarPRGirl.

  • The Beauty Department
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    Holiday needn't mean fancy! A messy topknot feels fresh with a bold lip, as seen on The Beauty Department.

  • Obaz Braided Fishtails Braids
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    Who says less is more? Go ahead and braid your braids together!

  • Emma Stone Bobby Pins
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    Bobby pins don't have to be functional. Use a contrasting color as an accessory, like Emma Stone.

  • Kristen Ess
    12 of 33

    Makeup artist Kristen Ess pinned this textured, side-swept bun, a great option for third day hair.

  • Big Pompadour
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    Turn double buns into a voluminous pompadour by rolling them around the sides of your head, like this look from Mane and Chic.

  • Bumble and bumble sleek pony red lip
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    Play with volume by slicking down the sides of a polished ponytail while backcombing the top, like this one from Bumble and bumble.

  • Jenna Allyn Faux Bob
    15 of 33

    That faux bob you've been meaning to try out? Now's the time. Follow Jenna Allyn's lead and pair with a strong berry lip.

  • Blake Lively Vogue UK
    16 of 33

    Use dry shampoo throughout the lenghts of your hair (not just the roots) to give a blowout second day texture, as seen on Blake Livley via Vogue UK.

  • Brooklyn Decker Fake Undercut
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    Sweep all your hair to one side, fake an undercut, and add spikes. Brooklyn Decker proves that punky hair can look ladylike, too.

  • Total Beauty Frizz Braid
    18 of 33

    Is frizz your number one problem? Total Beauty says embrace it—we agree.

  • Hair Romance Polished Ponytail
    19 of 33

    Need to look put together in under 30 seconds? Wrap a piece of hair around your ponytail for the ultimate polish suggests Hair Romance.

  • Black Headband Big Blonde Hair
    20 of 33

    Elle Netherland's pin makes a wonderful case for extensions.

  • NastyGal Vintage Chanel
    21 of 33

    Before there was Miley, NastyGal reminds us that there was Chanel. Double buns dont necessarily mean rave.

  • Glamourai Beach Waves
    22 of 33

    Missing summer? Go ahead, break out the surf spray to score Kelly Framel's beachy waves.

  • Lauren Santo Domingo Abbey Lee Kershaw
    23 of 33

    Abbey Lee Kershaw shows off dreamy second day texture. Turns out, even former Vogue-ette Lauren Santo Domingo embraces flyaways—at least on Pinterest.

  • Alexandra Spencer 4th and Bleecker
    24 of 33

    An new twist on an old classic, 4th & Bleecker's Alexandra Spencer makes her half up, half down style feel fresh with a tousled part and bun.

  • Oh Joy Pin Curls
    25 of 33

    Not into tousled? Try an artfully pinned updo like this one from Oh Joy.

  • Into The Gloss Braid Crown Wine Lip
    26 of 33

    All it takes to turn summer's go-to crown of braids winter ready is a deep wine lip, like this look on Into The Gloss' inspiring board.

  • Jenny Vorwaller Low Ponytail Ribbon
    27 of 33

    Artist Jenny Vorwaller's pin proves there's no easier way to dress up a ponytail than with a satin ribbon

  • Daily Makeover Horizontal Braid
    28 of 33

    Thank Daily Makeover for suggesting you think outside the box and wrap your braid across your head horizontally, instead of letting it drape vertically.

  • Selena Gomez Side Braid
    29 of 33

    Use plenty of product—dry shampoo, texturizing spray, and mousse—to build an epic side braid like Selena Gomez's.

  • Serge Normant
    30 of 33

    You don't need a runway to wear Rodarte's FW/13 hair, as pinned by Serge Normant.

  • Fishtail Braid
    31 of 33

    Follow Cup of Jo's lead and leave almost as much hair out of your fishtail braid as in.

  • Braid Headband
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    Use your own hair to braid a headband, like this bohemian look from Allure.

  • Rahua French Twist Ponytail
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    Instead of twisting your French braid up, let the ends fall into a ponytail, as seen on Rahua's Pinterest board.

There’s no better time to try out that new red lip or experimental hair ‘do than the jam-packed holiday party season. With one event after another, you can throw your hair up for formal office parties, try it teased for cocktails, or wrap a bow around your ponytail for family gatherings. Above, we’ve pulled 34 of our favorite looks from some of Pinterest’s most inspiring beauty boards.

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