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The 21 Best Haircuts with Bangs

  • The 21 Best Haircuts with Bangs
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Channel the ‘60s with a half up ‘do complete with tons of volume and a center part.

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    Photo: Pinterest

    If you’re really ready to chop it all off, go for this combo of piecey pixie and baby bangs.

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    Photo: Pinterest

    Who needs to see when you’ve got fringe this fabulous?

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    Photo: Pinterest

    We love how these choppy bangs angle towards the center of the face.

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    Photo: Pinterest

    Get Michelle Williams’ textured look here with a styling wax like Bumble and Bumble’s Semisumo ($28)

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    Photo: Pinterest

    Use long side bangs to conceal a faux-bob.

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    Photo: Pinterest

    Kirsten Dunst’s center-parted long bangs seamlessly blend with her layers.

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    Photo: Pinterest

    Chin length layers + messily clipped bangs = street style perfection.

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    Photo: Pinterest

    Messy bangs are the ideal compliment to a pristine braid.

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    Photo: Pinterest

    Work with your bedhead, not against it.

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    Photo: Pinterest

    Let the rest of your hair dry naturally, but blow out your bangs to keep them shiny.

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    Photo: Pinterest

    Thinner fringe can hold its own in a messy look without looking dirty.

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    Photo: Pinterest

    These above-the-eyebrow bangs won’t obscure your vision, as long as you keep them trimmed!

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    Photo: Pinterest

    A mischievous smile is the perfect accessory for this grown-out pixie with side bangs.

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    Photo: Pinterest

    This pageboy style gets a modern twist with thick fringe and ends that curl under.

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    Photo: Pinterest

    The combination of long layers, natural texture, and slightly parted bangs are giving us major flower child vibes.

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    Photo: Pinterest

    This look is perfect if you’re growing out both your bob and your bangs.

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    Photo: Pinterest

    Even supermodels can’t always make their bangs behave.

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    Photo: Pinterest

    Score this French girl bedhead with Leonor Greyl’s Au Lotus Volumizing Mousse ($46).

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    Photo: Pinterest

    We’re coveting this second-day hair look.

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    Photo: Pinterest

    Way before JLaw got the haircut heard ‘round the world, she was rocking these classic ‘90s waves and barely-there bangs.

If you don’t have bangs, chances are you contemplate cutting fringe at least once a month. The grass is always greener, right? If, however, you’ve finally decided to take the plunge, don’t glance at a pair of scissors until you’ve found your bang inspiration. We combed through Pinterest to bring you fringe for every style, from barely-there baby bangs to vision-obscuring curtains.

Click through our slideshow above for 21 hairstyles to take the salon.

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