Reinvigorate Your Resolutions with These 11 Fitness Apps

Reinvigorate Your Resolutions with These 11 Fitness Apps

We’re two months into the New Year, so now’s a good time to reassess your resolutions. Are you eating well? (Check out these apps—they’ll help!) Are you wearing sunscreen? Are you going to the gym every day? We’ve turned to Nike’s recently launched The Nike+ Training Club, the newest, community-based app from the fitness pro to keep us motivated. But there are a wide variety of apps to help take you from couch potato to gym rat—even zombie apocalypse themed one!

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    Nike + Training Club

    Price: Free

    Platforms: iPhone, Android

    The Training Club features more than 100 workouts. After entering your height, weight, and fitness goals, the app will develop a custom four-week workout, complete with personal trainers to walk you through each and keep you motivated. They’ve also connected it to the Nike+ Running app, so that you can incorporate your runs into your program and rack up bonus reward content.

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    Get Running—From Couch to 5k

    Price: $2.99

    Platforms: iPhone, Android

    Running might burn a lot of calories, but it’s not always fun. Get Running is speficially designed for total beginners and gives you a new run each week to keep things from getting boring. Bonus? A charming English voice will update you throughout your run, without getting too chatty.

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    GAIN Fitness

    Price: Free to download, additional workouts $2.99

    Platforms: iPhone, other devices coming soon!

    Tell GAIN Fitness what you want to change and the app will deliver a slew of workouts to target that specific area. Need harder abs in six weeks? A toned butt for that vacation? This is the one for you. The free download comes with a full-body workout, but the more targeted programs can be purchased in-app from $2.99. 

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    Charity Miles

    Price: Free

    Platforms: iPhone, Android

    Need more motivation than direction? Charity Miles is your app. Choose from Stand up to Cancer, Feeding America, the ASPCA, or dozens of other organizations and earn 25 cents per mile for walkers and runners (10 cents for bikers). Don’t worry, you don’t have to collect pledges—the company received a $1,000,000 sponsorship to provide the donations.

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    Zombies, Run!

    Price: $3.99

    Platforms: iPhone, Android

    Turn your run into a life or death situation with Zombies, Run. There are over 100 “missions” for you to attempt as you help your base rebuild from the zombie apocalypse. The story unfolds while you’re running to keep you entertained and automatically syncs to an online tracker.

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    Runtastic Six Pack

    Price: Free

    Platforms: iPhone, Android, iPad

    The Runtastic family of apps is probably the most high tech on our list and Six Pack focuses specifically on your stomach. The app shows you an animation of the moves you’re going to do and then counts the repetitions down as you work out. You choose from three levels of intensity, whether you just want a flat tummy or washboard abs.

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    Price: Free

    Platforms: iPhone

    Thinking of shelling out hundreds of dollars on a fancy fitness tracker? Download Argus for free and make sure it’s worth your investment. The app counts steps, maps your runs, tracks your sleep, and logs your weight on a sleek honeycomb display.

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    Price: Free

    Platforms: Android, iPhone Coming Soon!

    Combine the motivations of money and peer pressure to get you moving. Challenge your friends to meet their gym goal and win by reaching your own. When a challenge ends, those who don’t reach their goals pay those who do. Fitsby uses a GPS tracker to make sure that you’re actually at a gym when you check in—so don’t even try to cheat! (You don’t have to wager money if you’re just looking for some friendly competition.)

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    Pocket Yoga

    Price: $2.99

    Platform: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows Phone

    If you love the idea of yoga, but aren’t so into chanting or attempting bendy poses in public, Pocket Yoga boasts an extensive library of animated poses to guarantee you’re dong it right. Pocket Yoga has both individual moves and full yoga classes to sync with your iPad or Apple TV.

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    Tempo Run

    Price: $2.99

    Platforms: iPhone

    TempoRun is for those of us without the time to craft the perfect workout playlist. It automatically categorizes your music library into levels 1-10, from a walk to a sprint. There’s also a radio feature if none of your music is cutting it. 

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    Price: Free

    Platforms: iPhone, Android

    Another app that motivates you with money, Pact allows you to set goals for exercise, calories, and even types of food. It connects with free calorie counting app MyFitnessPal, which is loaded with nutrition information and keeps you honest via pictures and GPS check ins. Again, those who meet their goals are paid from those who don’t. 

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