How to Find the Best Diet App for You

How to Find the Best Diet App for You

As we enter 2014, there are more nutrition apps than ever before, and the newest ones do far more than just count calories. The most high-tech apps measure exercise, allow you to compete with friends, sync with your bathroom scale, and help you set custom goals based on how much weight you want to lose and your desired timeline (very helpful for weddings and vacations!). Of course, almost all come with expansive calorie libraries and are also able to scan barcodes to read the nutrition information of everything from a box of Oreos to your Trader Joes broccoli. We’ve listed our favorites—and why we like them—above.

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    Lose it!

    Why we like it: It’s easy to use, incredibly comprehensive, and breaks down calories between carbs, fats, and sugars. Also, Lose It! launched its own Bluetooth Scale ($50) late last year that measures both weight and BMI, wirelessly communicating it to your phone.

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    My Fitness Pal

    Why we like it: Not sure how you put on those extra five pounds in the first place? This app will help you gain perspective on your habits, telling you what you’d weigh by your allotted deadline if you repeated that particular day’s intake. 

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    Tap & Track

    Why we like it: Tap & Track has the largest offline food database, with over 500,000 foods, and allows you to compete against other users.

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    Weight Watchers Mobile

    Why we like it: All of these fitness apps are doing what Weight Watchers has been doing for years—counting calories and rewarding exercise. If you’re already familiar with Weight Watcher’s point system, this will be comfortable—and your best bet.

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    Why we like it: Perfect if you’re considering shelling out hundreds of dollars for a fitness tracker but want to make sure it’s worth it. The app counts steps, maps your runs, tracks your sleep, and logs your weight on a sleek honeycomb display.

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    Why we like it: Want to earn a few bucks? This app allows you to set personal exercise and nutrition goals, then compete with others. Those who meet their goals are paid by those who don’t, up to $5 a week. 

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