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The 10 Best Essie Colors of ALL Time

These lacquers belong in the nail polish hall of fame.
  • The 10 Best Essie Colors of ALL Time
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  • Essie Marshmallow
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    Marshmallow ($8)

    A creamy pearlescent eggshell, the subtly sheer shade is as elegant as they come —a far cry from its Wite-Out reminiscent counterparts. We’ve never found a white this good. 

  • Essie Chinchilly
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    Chinchilly ($8)

    The slate-inspired color takes on different hues in different lights, alternating between shades of gray and mousy brown, with lavender and camo-green undertones. Beyond chic with a chunky white sweater and denim cut-offs, it elevates any casual ensemble.

  • Essie Fiji
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    Fiji ($8)

    The most perfect baby pink ever created. It’s not too sheer and the hue is the ideal candy pink, making it perfect for showing off a (faux) tan.

  • Essie Dive Bar
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    Dive Bar ($8)

    An unparalleled moody blue-green-black worthy of the cosmos. It has an understated sparkle, and the shimmery swirl of colors is dramatic and sexy. 

  • Essie Borrowed & Blue
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    Borrowed & Blue ($8)

    We’re obsessed with this gorgeous robin’s egg blue that looks both white and mint green in different lights.

  • Essie Luxedo
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    Luxedo ($8)

    For dark vampy nails, Luxedo’s the ticket. It somehow pulls together plum, black, burgundy and oxblood into one rich color

  • Essie Sand Tropez
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    Sand Tropez ($8)

    The only sandy beige-nude nail polish you’ll ever need.  

  • Essie Turquoise & Caicos
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    Turquoise & Caicos ($8)

    A unique mixture of sea foam, jade, and true turquoise.  

  • Essie Big Spender
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    Big Spender ($8)

    For a playful pop of purple, we love this bright violet shade. It’s flirty and bold, but not over-the-top.  

  • Essie Mint Candy Apple
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    Mint Candy Apple ($8)

    A cult favorite, this Easter-egg pastel mixes mint green with Tiffany blue for a minty fresh kick. 

With their chic little square bottles, easy-to-justify $8 price tag, and incomparable colors, Essie polishes were made for collecting. And since you'll be sporting many a DIY mani/pedi over the coming months, we took it upon ourselves to create a master list of the best Essie colors of all time.

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