Natural Beauty Products Don't Have to Be Expensive—Here's Proof

Amanda Montell

Shanelle Thoreson

There are a million reasons to switch to natural beauty products, just as there are a million reasons to eat organic. Locally sourced ingredients are better for the planet; vegan and cruelty-free options are better for the bunnies; and gentle, chemical-free (pronounceable) formulas are largely better for your skin. 

But again, like the difference in price between a loaf of Wonder Bread and a fresh-baked boule from the farmer’s market, natural beauty brands often kick your bank account where it hurts. 

With many wonderful, natural brands, you’re paying for small-batch manufacturing and pure ingredients. But you’re also paying for luxe packaging and brand positioning. The latter isn’t exactly necessary.

Proof: these 16 affordable picks, which have all the organic, fair-trade ingredients, biodegradable packaging, and skin-loving formulas you want in natural products. 

Intrigued? Keep scrolling to discover the best natural skincare, makeup, and body products for $11 or less!

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