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Would You Try a Foam Conditioner?

Welcome to Product of The Day, a column where our editors sound off on the latest and greatest beauty products!
Would You Try a Foam Conditioner?

Have fine hair that tends to fall flat by noon? The root cause may be your conditioner. You already know that while it is important to deep condition your hair weekly, using a heavy conditioner every day can weigh hair down, making already-fine hair look thin, flat, and even greasy. The solution? A light formula.

Fekkai’s Full Blown Volume Lightweight Foam Conditioner ($20) left me slightly perplexed when it came across my desk last week—it looks more like a mousse than a conditioner—but it turns out, it’s amazing. The lightweight foam is silicon-free, and has ingredients like citrus extract and ginseng, both of which prevent products build-up. Plus, the light conditioners leave hair soft and shiny. Which means your hair will look bouncy, full, and hold a style better—which is exactly what it did to my hair.

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