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15 Inspiring Festival Beauty Looks from Pinterest

  • 15 Inspiring Festival Beauty Looks from Pinterest
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  • Get Twisted
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    Photo: Nordstrom

    Add a pop of color to your messy bun with a bright, twisted headband.

  • White Out
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    Photo: Planet Blue

    You could go crazy with face paint, or you could keep things simple and sleek with a few well-placed lines of white.

  • Flower Child
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    Photo: MAC Cosmetics/Alexis Mabille

    Channel your inner flower child and tie a few fresh blooms directly in your hair.

  • Starry-Eyed
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    Photo: Ana Palma for Free People

    Use electric blue eyeliner and pencil to make small stars underneath your eyes.

  • Hat Hair
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    Photo: BonaDragBoutique

    A peek of braid underneath your wide-brimmed hat is unexpected and practical—sweaty strands, no more!

  • Wing Woman
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    Photo: Planet Blue

    Go boho-glam with dramatic winged liner—just make sure to use a waterproof formula so it doesn’t smudge or smear.

  • Floral Fever
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    Photo: via RunawayinLA

    We know we said these looks wouldn’t be of the flower-crown variety, but this one was just too pretty to not include.

  • Fishtail Princess
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    Photo: Free People

    Why have one fishtail when you could have two?

  • Metallic Warpaint
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    Photo: Nick Dorey for Russh Magazine

    Give your pastel paints a rest and use a gold, bronze, or chrome formula instead

  • True Romantic
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    Photo: Planet Blue

    Tousled hair, neutral makeup and a dreamy, far-off gaze…all characteristics of the Coachella coquette.

  • Boho Braid
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    Photo: Olivia Graham for Cosmo UK

    Revive your second-day Coachella hair by braiding it into a messy French side plait.

  • Cuff It
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    Part your hair at the outer edge of your brow and flaunt an ear cuff for an edgy festival look.

  • Neon Carnival
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    Photo: Planet Blue

    Brighten up your face with a streak (or two) of neon paint.

  • Daisy Chain
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    Photo: Jason Lee Parry for Wasteland

    A simple crown of daisies is the perfect accessory for rosy lips and wavy locks.

  • Purple Princess
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    Photo: Planet Blue

    Get hair chalk-happy and dust silver sparkles in the inner corner of your eyes to channel your inner festival fairy.

    Which of these looks would you wear to Coachella? What’s your music festival beauty routine? Sound off in the comments!

Coachella is only three days away and our bodies (and hair-chalked locks) are more than ready to start frolicking in the fields of Indio. If your wardrobe is set but you’re still in need of some last-minute beauty inspo, look no further—we’ve made good use of our Pinterest addiction and gathered the 15 best festival beauty looks to set you apart from the flower crown crowd.

Click through our slideshow above for 15 fresh ways to do your hair and makeup for Coachella!


Photo courtesy of Jason Lee Parry for Wasteland

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