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The 13 Best Beauty DIYs on Pinterest

  • The 13 Best Beauty DIYs on Pinterest
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  • Tinted Balm
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    Don’t throw out your broken blush! Instead, combine it with a spoonful of Vaseline ($5) to create a subtly tinted lip balm.

  • Rosewater
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    Rosewater is known for its hydrating and soothing properties—and it’s easier to make than you think! Tip: If your roses aren’t home grown, make sure they’re organic.

  • Dry Shampoo
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    There’s nothing worse than missing your morning alarm only to find your trusty can of dry shampoo is empty. Luckily, a combination of cornstarch and cinnamon—and a little cocoa powder if you’re a brunette—has the same effect on greasy roots.

  • Pam
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    In a pinch for time, but don’t want to risk ruining your fresh manicure? A light mist of Pam Cooking Spray ($3), followed by a 30-second dip in cool water will stop your polish from smudging.

  • Bath Soak
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    Achy muscles? Dry skin? No matter your ailment, there’s a DIY bath soak you can whip up in minutes.

  • Coffee Scrub
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    This isn’t your average DIY body scrub. The caffeine actually temporarily firms skin!

  • Serum
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    Brighten your complexion for a fraction of the cost of a radiance serum with this easy recipe.

  • Brush Cleaner
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    Clean and condition your natural-bristle makeup brushes with a mix of jojoba oil and pure castile soap.

  • Nail Polish
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    All you need for a unique shade of nail polish is pigment (from eye shadow or blush, for example) and clear lacquer.

  • Shaving Cream
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    Nourish your dry, sensitive skin with this easy shaving cream recipe.

  • Soap
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    On a budget? Homemade lavender soap is the perfect gift for birthdays and holidays.

  • SPF
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    Yes, you can actually make your own natural sunscreen!

  • Surf Spray
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    You can make your own salt spray with coarse sea salt, warm water, and coconut oil!

You already know that Pinterest is a wonderful resource for hair and makeup inspiration, but it’s also a great place to find easy beauty DIYs. Yes, the site is full of great recipes for face masks and basic body scrubs, but there are also genius tips and tricks to create your own soap, dry shampoo, and so much more!

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