The 10 Best Beauty Blogs To Bookmark Now

The 10 Best Beauty Blogs To Bookmark Now

Beauty fanatics know that when you stumble upon a blog that speaks to you, it’s akin to finding a soulmate— you know that euphoric feeling of, “yes, this person understands me!” And then, naturally, you stay up all night getting to know each other (a.k.a. reading through their entire archives).

In the spirit of this sentiment, we rounded up some of the best blogs on the internet for endless information and inspiration. From drugstore devotees to DIY hair pros and lipstick fiends, there’s a blog for every kind of beauty-lover in this mix. Read through to meet your match! 

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    Beauty Is Boring 

    Robin Black is a makeup artist who has worked her magic on ladies like Amber Heard, Lorde, Kerry Washington, Olivia Wilde, and Eva Mendes, plus is known for her extensive editorial work for publications like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Marie Claire. Her blog is a lush photo diary of her backstage and print makeup artistry with step-by-step instructions and exact product lists for how to recreate each look. 

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    Beauty Bets 

    Natural beauty fans will love beauty writer and self-described “detox junkie” Elizabeth Dehn’s no-nonsense reviews and DIY tutorials. She offers all-natural ways to do things like clean brushes, remove makeup, and get rid of redness using items you definitely already have in your kitchen, and breaks down the best chemical-free fixes for glowing, hydrated, and clear skin. 

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    Barefoot Blonde 

    Chances are that more than one of the amazing braided hairstyles you’ve come across on Instagram or Pinterest is the handiwork of blogger Amber Fillerup Clark, a veritable braid savant. Her mermaid-like tresses provide some of the best hair inspiration the internet has to offer,thanks to her gorgeous photography, videos, and cool, not-often-seen styles. She also covers mane-related content from growth and extensions to trimming dead ends at-home and deep conditioning.  We dare you not to get lost in her hair and beauty section for hours. 

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    Beauty Banter 

    In addition to trend reporting, celebrity how-to’s, and product write-ups, Beauty Banter’s Sarah Howard gives readers a peek into the makeup bags of industry artists, along with interview spotlights on celebrity facialists, colorists, and manicurists. 

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    La La Mer 

    The stunning Los Angeles-based Marianna Hewitt is an on-air beauty host who posts about everything from how to get Kylie Jenner’s full lips to chic manicures and five-minute makeup. You’ll also find recipes for ways to build beauty from the inside, like via antioxidant-rich smoothies. 

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    Tanya Burr 

    We’ve long been fans of darling British beauty vlogger Tanya Burr for her approachable manner and encyclopedic knowledge of brands and products—one visit to her You Tube channel and you’ll be inspired to buy whatever it is she’s recommending, both because she’s really good at transforming herself with makeup and because of her honest thorough descriptions. Her blog is a more narrative window into her beauty world, with information and product write-ups you don’t get on her video page.  

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    Politics of Pretty 

    Beauty writer Kara Manos gives a fresh perspective on everything new in the hair, makeup, skin, and nail world with extensive drugstore round-ups, monthly favorites, and industry tool breakdowns. Her reviews are candid and make it easy to determine the types of products best-suited for your specific needs. 

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    She’s In The Glow 

    We love the graphic layout and clean design of Annie Atkinson’s, She’s In The Glow, which highlights inspiring editorials from the beauty world, as well as Atkinson’s own magazine-like features on under-the-radar brands and new products on the market. It’s easy to spend hours reading the site’s interviews with “Glow Girls” for an inside scoop from industry mavens, like founder of cult line RMS Beauty, Rose Marie Swift, and founder of the 100 % natural and non-toxic skincare line, Tata Harper. 

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    Cult of Pretty

    As Cult of Pretty author Ann Colville Somma puts it, she looks past the hype and straight to ingredients and efficacy to bring readers the best products they’ve never heard of. Head to her site at your own risk, as you will likely want to buy all of the featured products Colville discusses. 

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    Miss Maven 

    Teni Panosian of Miss Maven is the first to admit she’s no makeup artist, but rather an “extremely well-informed consumer” with a knack for makeup tricks. One perusal of her blog and you’ll be hooked on her one-friend-to-another style and inspired to try all of her all of her tutorials.

    What are your favorite beauty blogs? Sound off in the comments! 

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