One Direction's Hairstylist On The Best Musician Man Hair

One Direction's Hairstylist On The Best Musician Man Hair

When we asked Lou Teasdale—the colorful-haired, tattooed mastermind behind One Direction’s locks—to talk about the best man hair of all time, we knew we’d get the best slideshow of band hair we’ve ever seen. From Hanson to Nirvana to British bands you didn’t know you loved, she sounds off on the best locks the music industry has to offer, above.

Of course, once you click through our slideshow, you’ll probably want to show it to the guy in your life for hair inspiration, so we also tapped her for the products and tips you’ll want to suggest to said gentleman. Luckily, Teasdale is also the first face of Fudge Urban, a cult line of products in her native U.K. that just launched stateside at Target.

Click through our slideshow for Teasdale’s favorite band hair of all time—and the tips you need to share with the dudes in your life!

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    Kurt Cobain of Nirvana

    November 1993
    “Nirvana represents the ultimate cool guy hair. They influenced an entire genre of music, fashion, and hair. The washed-out, crazy bleached look [Kurt Cobain] wore inspired this salon in London called Bleach. It’s a whole movement in the U.K. This look will always be cool.”

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    July 1998
    “I was a huge Hanson fan and I’m proud of it! When they first came out everyone was like ‘what’s with their hair?’ It’s almost like Amy Winehouse’s beehive, it was shocking, then all of a sudden, she became really recognizable. Guys and girls still want Hanson’s grungy, long surfer hair. I’m sure they really had to stand their ground to have that hair and now their known as the cool little ‘90s boys everyone knows.”

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    Blink 182

    August 2004
    “The mohawks, the emo swoosh fringe—we always have pictures of Blink 182 for reference with One Direction. Blink 182 may not seem like an old band to a lot of us, but for all the young boys today they’re just the coolest guys ever. They’re the perfect punk/pop reference for hair. Loads of boys in the U.K. are getting really creative with amazing dip-dye color, which is what Blink used to do.”

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    Liam Gallager of Oasis

    April 2002
    “You still see guys in the U.K. with fringe like Oasis. It looks really cool and indie.”

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    Kings of Leon

    August 2004
    “Those dirty sideburns with a bit of a mullet? A lot of bands are still really influenced by an indie mop of hair that Oasis did, but Kings of Leon made it a little cooler. A lot of lads want this hair right now.”

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    The Hurts

    Studio Shoot, 2013
    “There’s another trend in men’s hair over in the U.K. that’s very groomed and slicked back. It’s based on boys who live in Essex and it’s almost a bit mod. A lot of guys are going to barbershops for this very stylized look. The Hurts is a band that does it really well.”

    What to tell your dude:
    “These guys just throw some gel in their hair and it looks very rocker somehow. I’d use Fudge Urban’s Coconut Rush Gel ($7).”

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    Jared Leto of Thirty Seconds to Mars

    February 2014
    “Everyone wants to that dip-dye, surfer hair that Jared Leto has right now. I think that he is just the most beautiful man that has ever lived. Do you know if he needs a new hairdresser?”

    What to tell your dude:
    “For guys that want this look, I’d say towel dry your hair and apply the Sea Salt Spray ($9). Air dry with your fingers and then finish with a little Rocker Wax ($8) on the ends and Texture Junk ($9) at the roots. A lot of guys are surprised they can do this easily.”

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    Green Day

    December 2004
    “All the lads in London are putting colors in their hair right now like Green Day did. It’s so ‘90s and it’s coming back around.”

    What to tell your dude:
    “If you add a little wax and slick it back, you can get that colorful rockabilly look they did.”

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    Swim Deep

    Studio Shoot, 2013
    “Swim Deep is a grungy little band from the U.K. They play all over actually, but small gigs. They’ve got bleached hair and center parts, which are high street trends that are actually making it into men’s fashion. Their drummer walked in the Saint Laurent show this season.”

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    One Direction

    February 2014
    “The boys have just been looking better and better over time. Their most recent hair is the best. It’s always evolving.”

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    5 Seconds of Summer

    Studio Shoot, 2014
    “This is a band that went on tour with One Direction and I started look after their hair. When bands start out, they tend to have the same look, they see each other and kind of merge into one. So you really have to get that out of them, and help develop style for each of them. Now they look wicked and they’ve really embraced their punk side. Michael especially, he let’s me do whatever I want, like dye his hair pink, yellow, whatever. Well, I have to fight him, but I always win.”

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