5 All-Natural Beauty Brands To Try Now

Natural is better—or so we’d like to believe. Unfortunately, when it comes to beauty, natural products sound good in theory, but can leave us disappointed in their less-than-noticeable results. Not to fear: we’ve done the testing for you and are sharing five all-natural beauty lines that deliver on what they promise—and then some. Whether you’re vaguely curious about natural beauty or you consider yourself an organic makeup pro, school yourself on these five under-the-radar brands, ASAP—your skin will thank you.

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    Kjaer Weis

    Just because you choose organic, all-natural makeup doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your taste for the luxurious—Kjaer Weis is proof of that. Produced in Italy, the line’s sleek, silver packaging is created by Marc Atlan (yes the same Marc Atlan who designed Comme des Garcons’ iconic fragrances) and each product is refillable—yet another way which founder Kirsten Kjaer Weis wanted her line to be environmentally friendly. The line’s mascara already has a cult-following and is Byrdie editor-approved.

    Product pictured: Kjaer Weis Essential Trio 1 ($125)


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    In Sanskirt, “Amala” means “most pure”—which is the philosophy founder Ute Leube applies to her entire line of natural and organic skincare products. With five different collections all targeted to different skin concerns—hydration, rejuvenation, brightening, purifying, soothing—this beautifully-packaged line touts the powers of all-natural, exotic ingredients like myrtle, blue lotus, and bamboo. Plus, it’s the only luxury skincare brand to have its entire collection certified by NATRUE, a natural and organic cosmetic certification organization.

    Product pictured: Amala Rejuvenate Cocoa Bean Treatment Oil ($186)

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    O.R.G. Skincare

    Though this organic line is small (so far, it only contains three products), we predict its Mineral Peel Face ($44) will soon reach cult product status. Just spritz on clean skin, let it set for five seconds, then gently rub in circular motions to buff away dead skin cells. The result? Glowing, bright, refreshed skin. We approve!

    Products pictured: O.R.G. Skincare Mineral Peel Body ($34), O.R.G. Skincare Mineral Peel Face ($44)

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    Kypris is a natural line worth checking out for the packaging alone. A luxury skincare line featuring serums and “beauty elixirs” (more concentrated, targeted skin treatments), each product comes in a beautiful glass bottle and has names like “antioxidant dew” and “healing bouquet”. Their 1,000 Roses Beauty Elixir ($225) contains the essential oils of—yup, you guessed it—1,000 organic Bulgarian roses, as well as other skin-loving ingredients like vitamin C and Baobab oil to repair skin damage and bring your skin back to its glowing, dewy state. 

    Product pictured: Kypris Beauty Elixir II - Healing Elixir ($200)

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    This Australian brand is already widely celebrated down under, and is slowly picking up steam in the U.S.—and for good reason. With beautiful, brightly pigmented eye shadows and creamy, effective skin products (their award-winning concealer is a topseller), the NVEY ECO line is NSF-certified and affordable.

    Products pictured: NVEY ECO Cake Eyeliner ($18) in Black, NVEY ECO Erase Concealer ($18)

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