5 Weird Things Beauty Editors Always Keep In Their Fridge

5 Weird Things Beauty Editors Always Keep In Their Fridge
Ellen Von Unwerth

A fridge is a sacred place—just one glance behind its doors can tell you so much about the owner (which is probably why Lea Michele’s is clean, bright, and full of healthy things). Our fridge, on the other hand? Let’s just say there are things in there that definitely need some explaining. Keep flipping for the five weird things we keep in our fridge—and how they make our skin clearer, eyes brighter, and more!

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    #1: A Silver Spoon

    Faith: “There is a silver spoon in my freezer at all times for one reason alone—my puffy a.m. eyes. Pressing a cold spoon against them helps get rid of swollenness and leaves me looking more like a human being, rather than a panda.”

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    #2: Greek Yogurt

    Deven: “Greek yogurt might not be a strange thing to find in a fridge on its own, but I’m actually not a fan of the taste. No, I keep Greek yogurt in the fridge for my face—or rather, to fix my face when it’s looking dull. The lactic acid in it acts as a mild exfoliator and leaves my skin bright and clean.”

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    #3: Top Coat

    Faith: “Celebrity manicurist Kait Mosh told me that heat and light are the two main reasons why polish thickens and gets sticky over time. With that in mind, I’ve started storing my top coats (my current favorite which happens to be the one by Formula X for Sephora) in the outer shelves of my fridge—it keeps them in prime condition (read: a bubble-free application).”

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    #4: Natural Face Masks

    Deven: “I store my Arcona Tea Tree Mask ($30) in the fridge—it extends the life of the product, since it’s formulated with natural ingredients. Plus, it feel amazing when you put it on. One note: this is not recommended for all natural masks. I put an aloe vera mask in my fridge once, thinking it would be extra cooling, but it just solidified in the tube.”

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    #5: Eye Gel

    Faith: “I make the long and arduous journey from my bathroom to my fridge every night for one reason: my eye cream. It not only feels super cooling when you apply, but I swear the cooling effect make the formula more effective, too. I go to sleep with cool, moisturized, happy eyelids every night, thanks to my fridge.”

    Do you store any beauty products in the fridge? Tell us below!

    Pictured: Sisley Paris Eye Contour Mask ($145)



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