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17 Problems Only the Beauty-Obsessed Will Understand

  • 17 Problems Only the Beauty-Obsessed Will Understand
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    Photo: Ruven Afanador for Marie Claire
  • 1. Having a separate makeup bag just for your lipstick.
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  • : 2. Using the word “swatch” as a verb. #beautygirlproblems
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  • 3. Knowing the exact difference between BB, CC, and DD Creams. #beautygirlproblems
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  • 4. Having more than one monthly beauty box subscription. #beautygirlproblems
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  • : 5. Using items in your kitchen cabinet in your beauty routine.  #beautygirlproblems
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    We’re kind of obsessed with coconut oil

  • 6. Spending hours watching beauty haul videos on YouTube. #beautygirlproblems
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  • 7. Knowing who Michelle Phan, AndreasChoice, and Bethany Mota are. #beautygirlproblems
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  • 8. Feeling naked when you leave the house without lipstick on. #beautygirlproblems
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  • 9. Keeping a powder compact in your purse at all times. #beautygirlproblems
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  • 10. Considering $10 blotting papers totally worth it (they have green tea in them, right?) #beautygirlproblems
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  • 11. Saving up money for an $80 foundation brush. #beautygirlproblems
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  • 12. Knowing the purpose of a bright pink, teardrop-shaped beauty sponge and exactly how to use it. #beautygirlproblems
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  • 13. Giving the salespeople at Sephora makeup tips. #beautygirlproblems
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  • 14. Owning more than one Naked Palette.  #beautygirlproblems
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  • 15. The horrifying moment when you open your suitcase and realize you forgot to pack your Clarisonic. #beautygirlproblems
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  • 16: Using your toothbrush holder for your makeup brush collection…leaving no room for your actual toothbrush. #beautygirlproblems
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  • 17. Never finishing an entire product because you always find something new you want to try. #beautygirlproblems
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    Do you relate to any of these? Tell us which ones in the comments!

This is for those among us who spend their entire paycheck on a set of Tom Ford makeup brushes, or stay up all night just to be the first to snatch up Urban Decay’s latest Naked Palette. No need to hang your head—we’re right there with you.

Click through the slideshow to see if you relate to any of these beauty girl problems!

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