6 Night-Out Beauty Disasters, Avoided

6 Night-Out Beauty Disasters, Avoided

Your going-out clutch doesn’t have room for much else other than your phone, ID, keys, and lipstick. But the problem with carrying a well-edited evening bag is that you might not be prepared for an unforeseen beauty disaster, like a broken nail or super-shiny T-zone. Thankfully, we found quick fixes to help you avoid your worst beauty nightmares, so flip through for six brilliant solutions!

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    The Situation: Your Eyelashes Are Drooping

    Lashes drooping halfway through your dinner date? Snag a spoon off the table, and head to the ladies room for a refresh. Hold the concave side of the spoon to your lashes, and use your finger to gently press the lashes around the bend. Wait a few seconds and voilà—curled lashes!

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    The Situation: You’ve Got Lipstick on Your Teeth

    If you wind up with lipstick all over your teeth, just apply a thin layer of lip balm to your pearly whites (yes, the old Vaseline trick really does work). It acts as a barrier to repel the pigment, so you can smile for all those selfies without a care.

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    The Situation: Your Hair’s a Mess

    When your hairstyle is no match for the humidity level (or the dance floor), run just a small amount of hand lotion through your hair to weigh down flyaways and fight frizz.

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    The Situation: You Broke a Nail

    Maybe a broken nail doesn’t exactly classify as an emergency, but when it’s sharp enough to catch on your cocktail dress, the situation needs to be addressed. Swipe a matchbox from the bar, and use the striking side as a temporary nail file.

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    The Situation: Your T-Zone Is Out of Control

    When you look in the mirror and there’s an oil slick staring back at you, make a beeline for the toilet seat covers, which act as makeshift oil-blotting sheets and may even be better than the real thing. If the bathroom’s fresh out, a tissue or toilet paper will work too. Just peel back one of the layers, so you’re dealing with a thin one-ply tissue.

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    The Situation: There’s Food in Your Teeth

    After you’re done cursing the fresh cracked pepper you had to have on your chopped salad, hunt down a business card. You probably don’t have any floss on hand, but a business card’s sharp corners work just as well for removing food from your teeth.

    Have any of these beauty emergencies happened to you?



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