5 Beauty Brands That Are Going Beyond Light, Medium, and Dark

Dacy Knight


The beauty industry has long been conflicted by a limited approach to beauty norms. Whether it's been products formulated in a limited range of skin tone offerings, skincare that neglects entire sets of skin types, or narrow-minded beauty standards, these shortcomings have been all too common. However, there are certain beauty brands pioneering change and breaking the mold for inclusive beauty.

Some of these brands at the helm of positive change are long-established and have been working to shift the industry for years. Others are relatively new and are coming to the market fresh with new ideas of how the beauty industry can be transformed for the better. We reached out to five beauty brands leading the industry in celebrating diversity and championing inclusive beauty to have them share their stories and their message.

Keep scrolling to see what these mold-breaking beauty brands have to say.

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