Does Botox Help You Get Ahead at Work?

Does Botox Help You Get Ahead at Work?

Between Sophia Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSS and Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, there’s been a surge of dialogue surrounding women’s careers recently … and we love it. Whether it’s a conversation about appropriate workplace makeup or tips on the perfect interview outfit, we’re always game to discuss ways for women to shine in the office. So when we heard that some female professionals are touting Botox as a career-boosting must-have, our ears perked up. An oft-discussed procedure, Botox has been smoothing foreheads and erasing crow’s feet for years, but is a needle to the face really a legitimate way to get ahead? 

Read on to find out. 

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    Youth As an Asset

    In the past, wisdom and experience reigned supreme in the workplace, but today there’s another asset that’s highly valued: youth. In industries like tech, fashion, music, and marketing, the quest to find the next big thing is best answered by those setting the trends themselves—namely young people.

    For career women, that means that making an effort to look young is not just vain, but also advantageous. Some even argue that looking youthful is no longer optional, but necessary to keep up with younger employees clamoring for their jobs. In the wake of this shift, it’s no surprise many ambitious women are asking themselves, “What’s a tiny needle prick for the sake of success?”

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    Confidence As Consequence

    While smooth, youthful skin is a clear benefit, the confidence that comes with it may have an even greater effect on a woman’s career. From the first interview handshake to handling everyday interactions and important presentations, confidence colors every aspect of your career. Simply put, stressing less about your appearance in the office gives you more time to focus on producing strong work. While true confidence ultimately stems from an internal trust in your own capabilities, we have to admit that superficial boosts—like a don’t-mess-with-me ponytail or authoritative lipstick—can work magic in the short term.

    If successful, ambitious women are feeling more confident after a prick of injectable, does that make Botox the new power suit?

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    On the Flipside

    Looking youthful and feeling more confident are obvious perks of the Botox trend, but danger lurks in the possibility of taking things too far. Ever seen an executive that looked just a bit too pinched and taut in the face? Chances are her appearance has been discussed by the office … and not in a good way. Unprofessional or not, gossip is a mainstay of office life, and looking like your face has seen a few too many needles is distracting and unflattering.

    Considering the procedure? While no one can tell you whether or not getting Botox will help further your career, we suggest asking yourself (and your dermatologist) three questions before getting pricked:

    1. “Will this make me more confident?”

    2. “Can I achieve a younger look while still looking natural?”

    3. “Is it worth it?”

    What’s your answer?

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