Myth Busting: Are Men’s Razors Really Better?

Myth Busting: Are Men’s Razors Really Better?

From menswear-inspired coats to oxford shoes, we borrow plenty from the boys when it comes to our closets. But recently there’s been a wave of industry insiders touting the benefits of using a guy’s tool in our beauty routines as well, namely men’s razors. To see if the hype held up, I decided to test it out firsthand. For one week, I did half of my shaving with a men’s razor, and the other with a lady’s blade. 

Click through for my analysis and verdict on this topic. 

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    First Impressions

    I spent some time getting to know the razors before we got down to business. It’s not news that gender marketing is pretty blatant, but I was still shocked by how different the two blades looked. My lady razor was round and came in the same baby blue color I painted my bedroom walls in fifth grade, while my men’s razor was a hulking mass of industrial metal. Even though men’s razors are designed for the face, I couldn’t help but think it looked … sharp. 

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    Analysis: The Lady Razor

    Once I lathered my stems I decided it would be fun to shave one leg with each razor. I noticed immediately how smoothly the woman’s razor glided across my skin. I also noticed, less pleasantly, the slimy—or as they would say, moisturizing—film it left behind. While this may be unique to the Schick razor I bought, I did not dig the sticky residue.

    Logistically speaking, my shave was pleasant. The foolproof buffer around the blade—something most women’s razors have—is thick enough to prevent even the clumsiest (cough, like myself) from nicking the skin. 

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    Analysis: The Men’s Blade

    Now entering man zone. I started moving the blade across my calf nervously and instantly noticed how heavy the men’s razor was. I was also struck by how much smoother my leg was after one swipe compared to the blade designed for women. Since the masculine version doesn’t have those aforementioned buffers around the blade, my shave was noticeably closer.

    I did, however, accidentally cut myself a few times throughout the course of the week. Living on the edge is dangerous, you guys.  

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    The Verdict

    Ultimately, men’s razors will give you a closer shave but you just might cut yourself in the process. If you’re a risk-taker, you may want to consider entering the man zone.

    Am I alone in this conclusion, or have you also had success with men’s razors? Give me the scoop below. 

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