9 Alternative Makeup Removers That Actually Work

Lindsey Metrus

With the way makeup is evolving and improving year after year, we're hopeful that its ease of application will continue to make strides. And in a far-off fantasy that'll probably only happen when aliens walk the Earth, we'd love makeup that takes itself off (that's not too much to ask, right?). As much as we love putting makeup on, having to remove it every night isn't nearly as fun. Instead, it's more of a chore that we know we have to do but would be totally content to never have to do again.

When our cleansers don't do the job of removing every inch of makeup, we'll sometimes turn to an oil-free remover or a makeup wipe to rid any residue, but what if those methods break you out? (*Raises hand*). In that case, turning to a more practical option or something a bit more natural may be the answer. Keep scrolling to see our favorite makeup-removing alternatives!

What alternative remover have you found takes off the day's makeup? Please tell us below!

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