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All the Cool Kids Are Doing It: Cara Delevingne, Chloe Sevigny, & More Get Sporty

The ultimate bad hair day fix? A good old-fashioned baseball cap.
  • All the Cool Kids Are Doing It: Cara Delevingne, Chloe Sevigny, & More Get Sporty
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    Photo: Dr X / Splash News, Mark Boland/FilmMagic
  • Cara Delevingne
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    Photo: Mark Boland/FilmMagic

    There’s no shortage of photos of Cara Delevingne rocking a baseball cap this summer. At the Glastonbury music festival, the British model wore hers backwards, on top of her sun-kissed hair. Let your locks air dry and try The Quiet Life’s Tribe 5 Panel Cap ($60) for a similar look.

  • Chloe Sevingny
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    Photo: Dr X / Splash News

    Only Chloe Sevingny could make denim, tie-dye, and a Yankees cap look so chic. She rocked the cap while out and about in New York last week. Get the look with 47 Brand Hat’s Yankees Baseball Cap ($25) and your favorite texture paste, like Oribe's Fiber Groom Elastic Texture Paste ($29).

  • Ellie Goulding
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    Photo: Splash News

    Don’t get us wrong—a baseball cap looks just as good on top of clean hair. Place it further back on your head to show off freshly styled waves like Ellie Goulding did on her way to LA last week. If you buy Cameo’s Two Tone Cotton Cap ($6) or Authentic Headwear’s The Duke Cap ($12), make sure you flip it around!

  • Vanessa Jackman Street Style
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    Photo: Vanessa Jackman

    Street style photographer Vanessa Jackman captured the cutest leather baseball cap at New York Fashion Week in February. Consider making BP’s Faux Leather Baseball Cap ($18) your fall go-to as the end of summer nears. Tip? If you pull your hair back, make sure to leave some pieces loose to frame your face.

  • Rihanna
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    Photo: Freddie Baez/

    Spotted leaving a restaurant in New York, Rihanna surprisingly rocks the most traditional cap, proving that you can’t go wrong with basic black—and that you can rock a hat with even the shortest locks. Sport Smart’s ProFlex Acrylic Wool Fitted Baseball Cap ($10) is a great option. (Sidenote: we’re currently digging Ouidad’s Curl Recovery Melt Down Extreme Repair Mask ($40) for curls.)

  • Lana Del Rey
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    Photo: Pedro Andrade, PacificCoastNews

    We were surprised to see as many girls rocking their hat backwards as forward. Lana Del Rey embraces her inner child by piling her blue cap atop her Mickey Mouse Tee. Try Asos’ Black X Puma Baseball Cap ($8).

  • Hanna Lauridsen Street Style
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    Photo: Stockholm Street Style

    The hardest part about wearing a hat can be figuring out how to wear your hair underneath. Try a low-slung side pony under Rinco’s Plain White Baseball Cap ($6) like model Hanna Lauridsen, pictured here in Copenhagen.

  • Jennifer Hudson
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    Photo: Elder Ordonez/

    Follow Jennifer Hudson’s lead and make your baseball cap extra feminine by pairing it with a bold pink lip—and studs! You can snag a similar look with Nice Collective’s Pyramid Stud Baseball Cap ($49) or Asos’ Studded Cap ($10).

  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
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    Of course, the easiest way to wear a cap is after working out—it’s the one time we suggest not even bothering with dry shampoo. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wears a classic Yankees hat while leaving the gym in LA. Pick up American Needle’s Navy Yankees Vintage Baseball Hat ($15) for a broken in look.

What to do when you’ve maxed out your dry shampoo, but aren’t ready to throw your hair up in a ponytail? Throw on a baseball cap! It’s this summer’s bad hair day fix of choice. Chloe Sevingny and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley show off opposite ends of the legitimately sporty spectrum—both repping the New York Yankees, while Jennifer Hudson and Cara Delevingne swing trendy, the former rocking studs and the latter a graphic black and white print. More suggestions in our slideshow!

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