Alexa Chung's Beauty Routine

Alexa Chung's Beauty Routine
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“My nighttime skincare routine is walk in the front door, put my keys down, take my shoes off, get naked, clean my teeth, go for a wee, drink some water and go to bed in full makeup,” says Alexa Chung as soon as she hops on the phone. The model, DJ, TV host, reigning style queen, and, most recently, author of the book It, out today, is totally serious—but she does have more than a few tricks up her sleeve.

“I might be a pro at this point!” Chung says when asked about the beauty knowledge she’s picked up on set, before rattling off a list of tips: “Brow shape is so important for framing your face. And always curl your lashes; it really does open up your eyes. Look directly into the mirror when you’re putting on concealer—you can see the bags better than if you look up. Smile when you put on blusher so you can get it on the apples of your cheeks."

We’d hire her based on that alone. You’ll find the rest of Chung’s tips, tricks, and product favorites, above.

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    “Sometimes I wash my face at night and sometimes I don’t,” Chung says. If she does, it’s likely with the bar of Dove Soap ($12) sitting on her bathroom sink.

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    Chung cherishes her morning shower though, lathering up with Aesop’s Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser ($45) and Decleor’s Aroma Cleanse 3-in-1 Hydra Radiance ($33).

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    By morning, Chung’s ready to wash her face. She uses Sisley’s Creamy Mousse Cleanser ($116), another gel that turns into a mousse once lathered.

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    “I use L’Oreal’s EverPure Color Care Shampoo ($7) and Conditioner ($7),” says Chung, who was added to the brand’s UK roster this summer. “I had my hair dyed recently as part of a job, and this keeps it in really good condition.”

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    “Moisturizer’s a real sore point for me at the moment,” Chung says. Her favorite, Moisturelle, was just discontinued this month. “My skin is crying.” So now she uses Weleda’s Skin Food ($19), in the green tube. “The one for your body, I use it on my face.”

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    Does Chung wear makeup on her days off? “I suppose the main point here is that I don’t have days off,” she says. But if she’s doing her own makeup, she has a stable of favorites: “I like Laura Mercier’s concealer ($23), Stila blusher ($25) and Chanel lipstick ($34) #90.”

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    Chung’s working on a cosmetics collection with Eyeko, born from a genuine love of their Skinny Eyeliner Pen ($16). She favors Lancome’s Definicils Mascara ($27), and Eyeko’s Brow Gel ($24). “It’s really good,” she says of the gel. “It’s got a slight tint to it; gel those brows up!”

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    “Just as my skin is the driest thing on planet Earth—apart from the Sahara desert—my hair is the greasiest thing on the face of the earth—apart from KFC,” Chung says. She spraying L'Oréal Professionnel’s Texture Expert Fresh Dust Hair Powder ($20) into her roots all day long.



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    If you’ve ever colored your hair, you know how much dye changes the texture. “The ends get dry, so I use Mythic Oil ($32),” says Chung. “I use it so sparingly it’s insane, but it really does the trick.”

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    Given Chung’s full calendar, we wondered if she had any tips for appearing fresh-faced after a particularly raucous event. “Someone told me that someone else does this—a model,” she says, without specifying whom. “After she’s had a big night out, she fills the sink with ice cubes and water and dunks her head in it to sort of reduce everything. But my thing is, I weirdly look better hungover with a bit of a puffy face than I do when I’ve had loads of rest. That’s annoying, isn’t it?”

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    Last year, Chung was scaling new nail art heights. Now? “I’ve decided that no nail varnish is the new nail varnish,” she says. “I got sick of the nail art so I just went and got them buffed.”

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    Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner Pen ($16)

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    Lancome Definicils Mascara ($27)

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    Eyeko Brow Gel ($27)

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    Laura Mercier Concealer ($23)

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    Dove Soap ($12)

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    L'Oreal Mythic Oil ($32)

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    Weleda Skin Food ($19)

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    Sisley Creamy Mousse Cleanser ($116)

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    Stila Convertible Color ($27)

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