8 New Candles To Burn

8 New Candles To Burn
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    Catbird Fleurs de Nuit Travel Candle ($12)
    The Brooklyn store (and e-tailer) with the coolest jewelry around also makes candles. We love Fleurs de Nuit, a deep and complex mix of honeysuckle, cactus blossom, and, like the name implies, night-blooming jasmine, all in a pure soy-wax base.

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    Ayres Calming Scented Candle ($34)
    Already feeling the holiday stress? Light up Ayres’ calming candle and take a hot shower. It’s a soothing mix of rose, jasmine, and orange blossom, grounded in rich sandalwood for a spa-like aroma.

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    Volupsa Crane Flower Large Embossed Glass Jar ($24)
    Light a Voluspa candle and your entire house will smell amazing within an hour—they’re the most fragrant candles we’ve ever tried. Their newest scent, Crane Flower, is a rich mix of grapefruit and lavender.

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    Le Feu De L’Eau Gris ($60)
    Instead of a glass jar, the encasing of Le Feu De L’Eau’s candles are sculpted underwater using a high temperature wax. The result? A unique, ‘60s inspired exterior for each. Gris is a sexy and smoky scent, while Le Feu Peche, their newest, is fruity and floral.

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    EJH Brand Lavender Candle ($52)
    If you’re into eco-friendly products—or things with cute monkey illustrations—pick up EJH’s lavender candle. It’s made from all-natural coconut wax and is scented with pure essential oils.

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    Atelier Cologne Gold Leather Candle ($65)
    If you prefer sexy over sweet, pick up Atelier Cologne’s Gold Leather Candle ($65): the wax has a unisex scent comprised of Indian saffron, plum, rum, eucalyptus, and leather, all encased in a shiny metallic jar that’s holiday friendly.

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    Cire Trudon Calabre ($85)
    Cire Trudon has been making candles for almost 400 years. Original fans include French royalty and Napoléon Bonaparte. We like Calabre, a mix of chamomile, spices and jasmine with a—surprise!—old-world feeling.

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    Baxter of California Ronin Cask Candle ($35)
    You don’t have to change time zones to smell the soy candle Baxter of California made for hip Hong Kong restaurant, Ronin. The mix of floral notes, whisky, patchouli, cedar woods, and vanilla is available online!

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