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How To Take A Good Selfie: Tips from Instagram's Top Stars

  • How To Take A Good Selfie: Tips from Instagram's Top Stars
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  • #1: Wear the right makeup.
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    Photo: @PeaceLoveShea
    #1: Wear the right makeup.

    “Always put on a little extra blush. What you see in–person shows up only a fraction in photos.” – Shea Marie of, Instagram: @PeaceLoveShea

  • Selfie Tip 2 Aimee Song
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    Photo: @SongOfStyle
    #2: Find the right location.

    “Finding a cool background is always a plus to make your selfies more interesting!” – Aimee Song of, Instagram: @SongOfStyle

  • Selfie Tip 3 Cara Loren
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    Photo: @CaraLoren
    #3: Search for the most flattering light.

    “A good selfie needs good lighting...find that light and let that smile shine!" - Cara Loren of, Instagram: @CaraLoren

  • Selfie Tip 4 Michelle Phan
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    Photo: @MichelleFawn
    #4: Learn your angles.

    “Hold the camera up above your eye level, turn your face at a ¾ angle; this is the universal good selfie angle.” – Michelle Phan of, Instagram: @MichelleFawn

  • Selfie Tip 5 Emily Schuman
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    Photo: @EmilySchuman
    #5. Avoid “duck face.”

    If you can’t find the right pose, just go for the classic and sweet smile. 

  • Selfie Tip 6 Tina Craig
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    Photo: @BagSnob
    #6: Filter wisely.

    “I prefer no filter for selfies taken outdoors in broad daylight, which is the most flattering. If a filter is needed, I LOVE Valencia. It offers a warm tone and rids of all sins of the precious evening. I wish there was a Valencia filter for real life.” – Tina Craig of, Instagram: @BagSnob

  • Selfie Tip 7 Geri Hirsch
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    Photo: @GeriHirsch
    #7: Everything in moderation.

    “Everyone loves a good selfie but only in the context of an overall interesting Instagram account. Minimize the narcissism by maximizing the diversity of your gallery.” – Geri Hirsch of, Instagram: @GeriHirsch

Let's face it: we are all part of Generation Selfie. In 2013, Oxford Dictionaries named “selfie” the Word of the Year, and it’s safe to say that our Instagram feeds are constantly filled with these examples of self-love. But hey, there's nothing wrong with sharing your best moment, and that's why we're sharing a few tips from our favorite Instagram style stars, so you can take the best GPOY (“Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself”) possible.

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