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5 Tips for Keeping Your Vanity Clutter-Free

The woman responsible for organizing celebrity vanities shares her tips for keeping your products sorted.
  • 5 Tips for Keeping Your Vanity Clutter-Free
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  • Store Brushes Vertically
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    Pettit recommends storing brushes vertically and, if you have the space, separating them based on purpose (eyes, lips, face). “Some people have that Anthropologie-esque thing going on, so I’ll use mason jars,” she says.


  • Makeup Jars
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    Pictured: Pottery Barn Evleen Mercury Glass Canister ($20). Try CB2’s Toothbrush Cups ($6), Urban Outfitters’ Clear Canisters ($16), or Waterworks’ Studio Oxygen Jar ($30).

  • The Container Store’s Acrylic Organizer
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    If there’s plenty of counter space, Pettit also recommends The Container Store’s Acrylic Organizer ($35).

  • Jessica Alba Organizing
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    When it comes to pen-shaped tools—mascara, eyeliner, lip pencils—Pettit favors stackable boxes. “Jessica Alba’s so into eco, so I used all bamboo for her,” she says. “They can live in a cabinet or a drawer, depending on its depth.”

  • Stackable Boxes
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    If you like color, try Home Depot’s Lipper International Stackable Bamboo Box Set ($40). For a more classic look, there’s the Container Store’s Stackable Drawer Organizers ($4-8), pictured.

  • Label Maker
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    “I like to store tinted moisturizer and foundation upright, for spillage purposes,” Pettit says. She uses a P-Touch Label Maker ($40) to label everything.

  • Acrylic Trays
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    Try Ikea’s Godmorgon Storage Unit ($15), Organize’s Drawer Double-Clear ($7), or Bed, Bath, and Beyond’s Three Compartment Tray ($14).

  • Lipstick Storage
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    Pettit’s stellar tip for lipstick storage? Keep them upside down so you can see the name of the color as soon as you open your drawer. She likes storing them “like popsicles” in a Lucite tray, like this one from The Container Store ($7). If you’re feeling fancier, try Anthropologie’s Vestige Lipstick Holder ($28), pictured.

  • Nail Polish Storage
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    Clear is the way to go for nail polish storage since you want to keep the bottles upright, but need to see the color. We love Muji’s Acrylic Case Drawers ($18).

  • Hair Product and Fragrance Storage
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    If Pettit had her way, everyone would keep their hair products and fragrance on Lazy Susans within their cabinets. “Then you can just turn it around and grab whatever you need,” she says.

Even if you’re not drowning in beauty products, it just takes a handful of lipsticks, more than one mascara, and a few bottles of nail polish to make your vanity feel cluttered. Overwhelmed by our ever-growing collection of cosmetics, we asked Lili Pettit, organizer to celebrities like Jessica Alba, for help.

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