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5 New Topcoats from L'Oreal

Up your nail game with L’Oreal’s new Magic Top Coat Collection
5 New Topcoats from L'Oreal

I have trouble keeping the same nail polish color on my fingers for more than 24 hours. The truth is I’m easily bored and my job—one in which a pretty new shade lands on my desk almost daily—encourages near constant change. But you don’t have to be a beauty editor to mix up your manicure everyday, thanks to L’Oreal’s new Top Coat collection ($6, each). The five shades act like special effects for whatever’s already on your nails (even if they’re bare).

The Matte Velvet is self-explanatory, while The True Gold sprinkles what looks like gold dust on top, and The True Diamond is a nearly sheer layer of silver. The Sparklicious is essentially New Year’s Eve for your nails—clear infused with confetti-like black glitter and silver holographic spheres—and The Shift Me turns your polish pearlescent. Five new manicures without a single swipe of nail polish remover—what’s better than that?

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