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11 Reasons to Start Teasing Your Hair

From Drew Barrymore’s slight pouf to Sarah Silverman’s major beehive, red carpet hair is looking up.
  • 11 Reasons to Start Teasing Your Hair
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  • Amber Heard
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    Amber Heard

    The actress went wispy at the Los Angeles premiere of Paranoia.

  • Lily Collins
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    Lily Collins

    Collins sports our favorite pouf, on the red carpet at the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles.

  • Scarlett Johannson
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    Scarlett Johannson

    At the Toronto Film Festival, Johannson looked like a pinup from the ‘40s.

  • Miley Cyrus
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    Miley Cyrus

    Who says you need long hair to rock volume? Cyrus’ short hair reached sky high in Miami.

  • Sarah Silverman
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    Sarah Silverman

    The comedienne’s bouffant stole the show at Comedy Central’s roast of James Franco in Los Angeles.

  • Olivia Wilde
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    Olivia Wilde

    Wilde shows off a subtler bump at the back of the head instead of the crown—the way to go if you’re interested in mixing things up without necessarily making a statement.

  • Paloma Faith
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    Paloma Faith

    British singer Paloma Faith consistently shows off quirky, retro-inspired hair both on stage and on the red carpet. Here, at the Henley Music Festival just outside of London, she rocks our favorite.

  • Drew Barrymore
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    Drew Barrymore

    Not ready to commit? Try a slight boost in volume at the top of your head, like Barrymore at Estee Lauder’s launch of their new scent, Modern Muse, at the Guggenheim museum in New York.

  • Sophie Kennedy Clark
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    Sophie Kennedy Clark

    The award for most Bardot-like bump goes to Clark at the Toronto Film Festival. The Scottish actress stars in the upcoming Lars Von Trier flick, Nymphomaniac.

  • Rachel McAdams
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    Rachel McAdams

    McAdams’ red hair was pulled up into a loose beehive at the Berlin premiere of About Time, a good reminder that voluminous hair needn’t be stiff.

  • Kelly Osbourne
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    Kelly Osbourne
    Her dress might lean toward the '80s, but Osbourne's 'do at the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles screamed '60s.

There’s nothing casual about a bouffant, but there is a spectrum on which to play when it comes to whipping your hair into a retro shape. Sarah Silverman and Rachel McAdams show off proper beehives in our trend report, while Drew Barrymore and Sophie Kennedy model subtle bumps, and Scarlett Johannson and Paloma Faith lean toward the ‘40s with pompadours. So grab a bottle of Redken’s Quick Tease Backcombing Finishing Spray, a fine-toothed comb, and click through for inspiration.

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